'Here is the second interview with a well-known person from among fans of the Power Rangers. This time I chose the user Cosmic Ranger, a very friendly and energetic Ranger fan from the USA. We talked about the community and of course about the design of this Ranger.

Before we begin I would like to say that it was an honor to talk with a man so open, friendly with a clear goal in the community. And I would also like to congratulate him for recent 3K followers on Twitter and also for his recent birthday. Happy birthday, I wish you all the best, lots of happiness, health, love and success. Here is an interview with the...

Rabbit Ranger: So for the beginning, could you tell me something about yourself? Like age, where are you from, how long have you been fan of Power Rangers, what is your favorite series, Ranger...
Cosmic Ranger: My name Gabriel and I go by Cosmic Ranger online, Iím 32 years old from Las Vegas, Nevada and Iíve been a fan of Power Rangers since day 1, lol. My favorite season is Power Rangers in Space and my favorite Ranger is actually Psycho Pink (I prefer evil Rangers).

Rabbit Ranger: Evil Rangers always look cool. Why Power Rangers in space?
Cosmic Ranger: It wraps up 6 years worth of story while still maintaining its own identity solidifying itself to be as iconic as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Rabbit Ranger: I like that season too. That and Lost Galaxy. Maybe it was the space theme, but designs were cool as well. What do you like about Psycho Pink? A how were you satisfied with her portrayal in the Psycho Path comic?
Cosmic Ranger: For me it was the fact that she was the first person to actually succeed in killing a Ranger. It showed that pink is just as powerful if not more powerful than any other color (pink is my favorite color). Oooh thatís a loaded question, lol. I enjoy that the Psychos finally got a chance to shine after being gone for about 20 years, but I canít deny that I was severely disappointed in their portrayal in this comic. I feel that they were reduced from some of the greatest villains the franchise has ever had to mere children with mommy issues and it just didnít feel right to me. Nokrea especially got the worst of it in an attempt to redeem her.

Rabbit Ranger: I also thought that it was weird to give killing machines so much human personality. Same problem with Terminator Genisys and gramps Terminator. Okay, back to you... What do you do for living?
Cosmic Ranger: Iím the assistant manager for the House of Blues retail store.

Rabbit Ranger: What is its specialty?
Cosmic Ranger: Music memorabilia and tourist items like shirts, trinkets and jewelryÖ Itís a variety of different items centered around the love of music.

Rabbit Ranger: Oh, great. Do you like music? Or play on anything? Or have you studied music?
Cosmic Ranger: I love music, but unfortunately Iím tone deaf, lol.

Rabbit Ranger: Okay. I saw that you have accounts on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. How would you describe your content?
Cosmic Ranger: I call myself the official unofficial gay Morphin Master because my content is all about the power of unity in diversity through the medium that is Power Rangers, so I cover everything from the franchise including the show, movies, comics and games in hopes that everyone feels like theyíre represented in my content.

Rabbit Ranger: When I was looking through your posts I got that feeling that you inform about everything from Power Rangers. I know that we are still living in the world where we can find a lot of hate towards ethnical or sexual minorities. What do you think of this in Power Rangers fandom? Sometimes when you read RangerBoard or some Twitter users, you can see, how full of hate they can be. And unfriendly sometimes...
Cosmic Ranger: I think for the most part the greater fandom is all inclusive and accepting of multiple cultures and identities, but unfortunately then itís the vocal minority that can make it seem like itís a hateful place and those people are the ones that get highlighted by bigger names, because negativity is like gold online and it gets the hits. I stay away from places like RangerBoard for that reason and on Twitter I have a great friend group and followers who donít allow any kind of bigotry.

Rabbit Ranger: Maybe the negative people shout the most?
Cosmic Ranger: Very much so. Itís always the people with little to no followers who are the most negative.

Rabbit Ranger: I have little to no followers as well, lol. Have you personally met some hate on your person because you're gay in this fandom?
Cosmic Ranger: True But youíre not being negative, lol. Oh of course, Iíve had people legit refuse to work with me because of it.

Rabbit Ranger: Work on what for example?
Cosmic Ranger: Well the one that hurt the most was a Game Modder who creates custom skins for Power Rangers Legacy Wars had discussed putting my custom Ranger in the game and then backed out because they said they didnít agree with my lifestyle and what I represented.

Rabbit Ranger: But I saw some mod of Cosmic Ranger to Legacy Wars on your account...
Cosmic Ranger: Yes that was done by GoldenPhoenix who heard about what happened and surprised me by doing it himself. Iím so thankful to him for that.

Rabbit Ranger: Power Rangers is all about teaching important lessons, some people are watching it for 30 years and still do the opposite.
Cosmic Ranger: Yeah, itís crazy to see some people miss the entire point of the super hero genre.

Rabbit Ranger: The last "question" in this topic... If you can tell anything to some minorities in this fandom, what would it be? Any message.
Cosmic Ranger: Just keep being yourself and keep fighting for whatís right cause remember Earthís Defenders, Never Surrender!

Rabbit Ranger: Now for the part i'm most looking forward to... Cosmic Ranger. That design is great, what can you tell me about Cosmic Ranger yourself?
Cosmic Ranger: Cosmic Ranger was created as a way to see myself represented as part of a world that hasnít yet fully represented me, Power Rangers has never done a Gay male Power Ranger so I decided to make one myself to show the reason Pride exists, itís to celebrate how far weíve come but also to continue the fight for equality because now more than ever, it is important to remain vocal and stand together as the queer community, specifically trans people are facing a record number of hateful bills targeting our right to live freely in the US and abroad.

Rabbit Ranger: Wow, great purpose. Why the name Cosmic Ranger?
Cosmic Ranger: I absolutely love everything Space themed and I was watching Kamen Rider Fourze when I joined the fandom so I took inspiration from his Cosmic States form and just added Ranger to it since I loved Power Rangers.

Rabbit Ranger: Did you design it yourself?
Cosmic Ranger: Yes I designed the suit myself and had help on the helmet with a friend of mine who did the final art. These are first drafts...

My original character years in the making has gone through countless redesigns but this is it,this is the ranger of my dreams. A Ranger filled with Pride and Power!

Rabbit Ranger: I can see that buckle is missing in the final. Diamond is based on MMPR?
Cosmic Ranger: Yes I didnít end up liking the buckle, lol. Yes the Diamond was a tribute to MMPR. Design wise he has elements from MMPR, Solar Rangers, the Morphin Masters, Ben 10 and Digimon.

Rabbit Ranger: I cannot help but I see resemblence to Black Solar Ranger in the design of the helmet. Is it coincidence?
Cosmic Ranger: The helmet is actually more based on Mastemon from Digimon.

Rabbit Ranger: Is there another thing from Digimon? I haven't really watched the show.
Cosmic Ranger: The Morpher is designed almost like the newer digivices.

Rabbit Ranger: Okay, how does it work for Cosmic Ranger?
Cosmic Ranger: If it were to be seen in action it would function like Ben 10ís omnitrix where you could cycle through different powers by turning the faceplate until you reach your desired power. Except instead of transforming into a different ranger like Gokaiger/Megaforce it would only give you the teams special weapons.

Rabbit Ranger: I saw some picture with some energy sword, is that it?
Cosmic Ranger: So that was a mock up of how it would look if he had an original weapon of his own. Ultimately decided not to use it but hey maybe one day Iíll go back to it. It would be like an energy aura style weapon just shaped like the Power Sword or a Quasar Saber and it would have access to every teams weapons from show, movies, comics and games.

Rabbit Ranger: That would be really powerful Morpher. When was your idea born and how long did it take to final stage?
Cosmic Ranger: I had always wanted to make my own ranger but I didnít really start the design process until late 2019 going into the pandemic and then waited till 2021 to actually finalize it and release it. Then I made his backstory: Dark Specter has returned and is uniting evil forces from across the multiverse to destroy the power rangers. The Morphin Masters as a last resort create a Morpher that harnesses the power of the Morphin grid itself and send it to a universe where The Power Rangers are a Tv show! The Morphin Nexus Morpher must seek out a host who Can use their knowledge of the ďReal WorldĒ to become the Cosmic Ranger and save the Rangerverse once and for all.

Rabbit Ranger: Since my account is about cosplay, have you ever considered making real life costume of Cosmic Ranger?
Cosmic Ranger: Yes Iíve been researching some amazing cosplay makers in preparation of commissioning one to bring my ranger to life soon.

Rabbit Ranger: That will be awesome. Cannot wait to see it. I would recommend Starchild, it is a great communication with him and I have also the helmet in the process of making there. Now a very tricky question... What do you think about Rabbit Ranger?
Cosmic Ranger: I think it looks great honestly its a fun design with really cool helmetÖ I canít wait to see more of it and you in the future.

Rabbit Ranger: Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Fun design you mean tail and fur?
Cosmic Ranger: Yeah itís very whimsical but still kinda dark in like an Alice in wonderland kinda feel

Rabbit Ranger: Thanks for all your time and answers, it was very fun and educational time spent with you. I really look forward for more stuff about Cosmic Ranger and I hope we stay in touch.

Rabbit Ranger: I must say I am a little bit jealous that you have pictures from TokuJay. His art is just perfect. But now he closed his commissions.
Cosmic Ranger: Yeah I waited almost a year till he was able to do it for me. Oh really? I wasnít awareÖto be fair I donít think he had any openings to begin with tho.

Thanks for the interview mate.

Cosmic Ranger