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The site and the entire Ranger Rabbit cosplay project is still in its infancy, but I hope that soon this website will reach the size of Power Rangers Centrála itself and be a source of entertainment, information.

Finally, I would like to share with you other interesting websites, profiles on social networks, with which I will collaborate in my work. These are profiles of great artists and creators who can do amazing things in the creation of various cosplays.



Creators of cosplay parts:
USA based Starlight.Studio creates the highest quality cosplay items available. Most of their items are made of metal, not cheap plastics or aluminum. They care about the quality of the items and are the best of their kind. They mainly focus on replicas of Communicators, Power Coins, Energems and have metal accessories for all three available versions of Power Morphers.


BD15 Decals & Props
BD15 Decals & Props from the USA makes all kinds of vinyl stickers and decals for cars, laptops, phones, toys and more! From the Power Rangers, they focus on stickers for all three available types of Power Morphers and various toy stickers that may have been damaged by time.


Starchild Props
Starchild Props from Italy is a company created by prop maker and cosplayer Andrea, specializing in creating replica props from movies, TV series, comics and Japanese shows. They focus on high-quality details, absolute precision and exceptional value for money. Their specialty is costumes and replicas of the Power Rangers and Super Sentai. It currently boasts customers all over the world.



ET Cosplay
ET Cosplay stands as one of the premier suppliers of leather cosplay gloves in the United States, specializing in high-quality, custom-designed pieces. We have earned the trust of a diverse clientele, ranging from dedicated cosplayers of iconic superheroes like Batman, Nightwing, and Power Rangers, to professional film productions seeking authenticity and excellence. Our commitment to craftsmanship and detail has made us a go-to source for anyone looking to bring their favorite characters to life with unmatched realism and style.



Cosplay by Studio Boheme
Professional Grade Cosplay. We can take on your detailed costumes and cosplay gear. We specialize on boots but we can also do other leather or synthetic accessories. We got you covered with Power Rangers, Marvel or DC characters and and even Anime plus many more!