As I promised, I did and I bring you my first interview. I didn't expect that preparing the interview is quite a difficult thing, but I hope that it was successful and that you will like it.

To begin, I would like to say that I was very nervous to ask questions and interact with someone so well-known among the Power Rangers fans. I know some fans can be toxic so it was a nice change to be able to talk to someone nice who shared information with me, new to the public realm of Power Rangers.

Here is an interview with Dpcx1489, a fan, cosplayer and fan film maker. We talked about cosplay, Scorpion Ranger and Kombat in the Grid fandomÖ

Rabbit Ranger: So for the beginning, could you tell me something about yourself?
Dpcx1489: Hi, I am 34 and I am from New York city. Iíve been a power ranger fan since I was a kid, my favorite series is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and favorite Rangers is White Power Ranger.

Rabbit Ranger: Why is the MMPR White Ranger your favorite?
Dpcx1489: White Ranger is my favorite because you know itís, itís the better side of him and also I love tigers you know. It also reminds you of an angel.

Rabbit Ranger: Never thought of him like that. What do you do for living?
Dpcx1489: Iím a stay at home father and part time security guard.

Rabbit Ranger: Interesting. Are you somehow into martial arts?
Dpcx1489: Yes Iíve taken Brazilian ju jitsu for 4 years and little bit of boxing for almost a year.

Rabbit Ranger: Any competitions or only for fun?
Dpcx1489: Only a couple. Boxing was just for fun just to get into the working out.

Rabbit Ranger: Have you dreamed about creating your own Rangers persona as a child?
Dpcx1489: No, I actually havenít.

Rabbit Ranger: When did you decide to do Power Rangers Cosplay?
Dpcx1489: Well to come up with my own custom Ranger, I saw Bat in the Sun, which actually showed Scorpion versus White Ranger so I figured what if Scorpion had the powers of the Power Rangers and Scorpion Ranger is a fusion between White Ranger and Scorpion. So around 2020 I created him and the other Mortal Kombat Rangers.

Rabbit Ranger: OK, I will get more to Scorpion Ranger soon. Do you own other Ranger Cosplays?
Dpcx1489: I have Green Ninjetti and working on my own White Ninja Storm Ranger and I am also Psycho Gold for Power Rangers Unworthy a almost done Green Ranger.

Rabbit Ranger: So the Scorpion Ranger was your first?
Dpcx1489: Yes.

Rabbit Ranger note: Besides Ranger cosplays Dpcx1489 has done many other cosplays like Deadpool, Ryu, Jin, Punisher, Superman, Casey Jones, Spiderman and many others. You can see all of his work on his Instragram. (link in the end).

Rabbit Ranger: So let's talk about Scorpion first. I suppose that you're great fan of Mortal Kombat and Scorpion. Am I right? Is he your favorite character to play in games?
Dpcx1489: Yes, he is.

Rabbit Ranger: Did the Scorpion Ranger design just pop up in your head? How long have you been altering the design to the final stage?
Dpcx1489: Yes. Just one year, from 2020 to 2021.

Rabbit Ranger: Do you have some early sketches?
Dpcx1489: ...

Rabbit Ranger: That helmet design is incredible. Did you decide to stick with Power Morpher from MMPR, because it is your favorite show?
Dpcx1489: Well, actually, you know to make sense because each Ranger is based off of different Rangers from different seasons so at the same time I wanted it to be that way.

Rabbit Ranger: I see that Scorpion has White Dino Ranger's boots a some parts of his shield. Is he also your favorite, or is it only coincidence?
Dpcx1489: Somewhat mix with Drakkon and Trent, yes.

Rabbit Ranger: And at first you used Motal Kombat logo and then changed it. Could you please tell me what yours logo represent?
Dpcx1489: The logo represents Mortal Kombat and Lord Zed's staff. Also, itís in different colors, so it also represents the LGBTQ community where anyone can be a Ranger no matter the race ethnicity or gender.

Rabbit Ranger: So it represents colors of Mortal Kombat Rangers as well as LGBTQ? That is really neat and cool, I think. It has what Power Rangers should stand for, I really like it. OK, so back to your Cosplay. How did you choose creators of your parts?
Dpcx1489: Well, I want to basically popular Power Ranger makers, and they do a really good job. I also asked a few Power Ranger cosplayers who do they recommend.

Rabbit Ranger: Can you name who made which part for you? Were you satisfied with all suppliers and their prices and delivery time?
Dpcx1489: Forgot the prices. The helmet is normally the same price of any Power Ranger helmet and the time frame was good.
ACGcosplay made the under suit tsukiyoteamcosplay made the armor Transform studio made the helmet

Rabbit Ranger: Okay, thanks. Last two questions about cosplay. Did you think of visiting hospitals to cheer some ill children? I think it could be great.
Dpcx1489: I actually plan on doing that once I fully have my Green Ranger ready.

Rabbit Ranger: Do you think that Scorpion is too scary for children or that they don't know him?
Dpcx1489: No I donít think so. Heís actually pretty cool.

Rabbit Ranger: I absolutely agree. And the last cosplay question. What would you say to aspiring cosplayers? What should they focus on and what should they avoid?
Dpcx1489: Do what you love as long as you love it just ignore what people say. Cosplay is not a competition, is not consent, itís you know just about having fun and becoming that character.

Different shapes and sizes, different ethnicity, gay, lesbian, straight, it don't matter. At the end of the day cosplay is cosplay. There's a lot of toxic in the whole cosplay community. We gotta understand love is love. No matter what color or anything we all must unite. And at the same time there's whole bunch of body shaming and stuff, like it doesn't matter. Like once a cosplayer, always a cosplayer. Never be judged or whatever anybody else can say about you. You have a dream and you fulfill it. No matter what. You have a vision, do it.

Rabbit Ranger: So what can you tell me about Kombat in the Grid from your perspective? Is it dream come true, or what?So this project was all your idea? Did you write the story?
Dpcx1489: Yeah, to everything.

Rabbit Ranger: Did you design all Mortal Kombat Rangers?
Dpcx1489: Me and my brother did.

Rabbit Ranger: It is great to have support in family. So are you saying that Rangers have something from different seasons?
Dpcx1489: Yes. Have u watch the show?
Scorpion is White Ranger, MMPR
Reptile is Green Ranger, MMPR
Subzero and Noob are Super Megaforce
Ermac is Ninja Storm
Rain is Jungle Fury
Smoke is Dino Thunder

Rabbit Ranger: I have seen the first two episodes, Need to rewatch and also add the third one.
Dpcx1489: The sneak peek to episode four is up as well, but you need to watch episode three.

Rabbit Ranger: Absolutely will do. So now you are planning to release episode 4, how many episodes are you planning to end the story?
Dpcx1489: Not sure yet, everything takes time. Maybe 8 or 10.

Rabbit Ranger: Cool, I didn't expect that. How long does it take to film one episode? And also finish it with effects?
Dpcx1489: The whole day. And to finish an episode could take 2-3 months.

Rabbit Ranger: And preparations before shooting? How many days before do you plan shooting date, because it must be hard to ensure everybody is free.
Dpcx1489: I just tell people take their time and relax. Only 1 day. Not everyone is in the episodes.

Rabbit Ranger: How many people and actors work on the set? How did you find your crew and cast?
Dpcx1489: About 18 and everyone are cosplayers and are from New York city.

Rabbit Ranger: That is the large group. Can you please describe the course of the filming day in more detail?
Like you start in the morning, telling everyone, what to do and so on...

Dpcx1489: Morning yeah, itís mainly dialogue and green screen. Like Lord Zed was shooting at his home behind a green screen so it looked like he was there.

Rabbit Ranger: Ok, but sometimes you are really on some set, not just before green screen. What after the shooting? Do you go to beer to discuss the shooting day?
Dpcx1489: No we have a group chat

Rabbit Ranger: So do you guys know each other before Kombat in the Grid? How long is this group together?
Dpcx1489: Yeah, since 2016.

Rabbit Ranger: I just heard theme song. Was it planned or is it from some fan?
Dpcx1489: I wrote the song. Special thanks to Thai Mcgrath for providing us with this amazing song.

Rabbit Ranger: It was really nice to talk to you like this, to ge to know the Scorpion Ranger more personally. It is great to know that this fandom has such friendly people in it. Thanks for your time and experience.
Dpcx1489: No problem, appreciate that.

Rabbit Ranger: And one final question. What do you think of the Rabbit Ranger design?
Dpcx1489: I like it. Itís cool and gives off a ancient vibe to it.


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