2024-02-21 - Mighty Gems Unlimited - Fraud Alert
'From the moment I started this project, I entered the Power Rangers fandom with the feeling that this community is connected and very friendly. I met many people, artists and prop makers who were a pleasure to communicate and work with. All these people do a great job and are professionals in their field and can advise, help and most importantly provide their products in high quality.
All relationships were good until I came across Mighty Gems Unlimited. They represent the exact opposite of how I imagine the Power Rangers community to function. They are frauds and liars. I definitely do not recommend working with them to anyone. Here is the full story with evidence of their fraudulent practices.

2023-06-26 - Interview - Cosmic Ranger
'Here is the second interview with a well-known person from among fans of the Power Rangers. This time I chose the user Cosmic Ranger, a very friendly and energetic Ranger fan from the USA. We talked about the community and of course about the design of this Ranger. Here is an interview with the Cosmic Ranger...

2023-06-13 - Interview - Dpcx1489
'As I promised, I did and I bring you my first interview. I didn't expect that preparing the interview is quite a difficult thing, but I hope that it was successful and that you will like it. Here is an interview with Dpcx1489...

2023-06-05 - Web Page Origin
I've decided to start this web page to share information about Rabbit Ranger cosplay progress, some new concepts, but also interesting interviews I plan do with even more interesting people from Power Rangers fandom.